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Poliuretan L-PUR®

Lubas L-PUR polyurethane is made as a specific blend of carefully selected ingredients. The composition has been modified for 30 years to meet all the technological needs of machinery and equipment in heavy industry. Developed by a team of specialists in chemistry and technology, L-PUR polyurethane has a high durability compared to other plastics.

L-PUR polyurethane is abrasion-resistant compared to steel, rubber or plastic.

high abrasion resistance


hardness of 45 – 95 ShA

quiet operation

Advantages of L-PUR polyurethane:

  • high abrasion resistance,
  • protection of coated components against corrosion,
  • reduced friction in high-speed transport,
  • depending on the intended location, it is possible to create L-PUR coatings that are resistant to chemical agents,
  • inspection intervals increased by several times,
  • no need for additional seals,
  • quiet operation of equipment coated with L-PUR.

Poliuretany Poliuretan producent poliuretanów

Casting techniques for L-PUR polyurethane


A method for applying the abrasion-resistant L-PUR polyurethane to large and complex surfaces and for protecting steel components against corrosion.

mould casting

A method of free casting of L-PUR polyurethane into moulds, which enables their shape to be accurately reproduced.

ribbon-flow casting

Technology of covering shafts with L-PUR polyurethane using a rotational method that enables production of long castings and even distribution of large polyurethane mass.

Features of L-PUR polyurethane:

resistant to hydrolysis

Polyurethane for continuous operation with water and elevated temperatures.

resistant to seawater

Polyurethane based on polyester polyols, resistant to seawater.

resistant to temperature

Polyurethane resistant to elevated temperatures.

resistant to fungi
and microorganisms

Polyurethane with addition of a fungicide. It increases the elastomer resistance to microorganisms and fungi that, according to the type of soil and humidity, may cause destruction of the polyurethane over time that consists in the appearance of humus on the surface of the elastomer and a deterioration of its mechanical properties.


Polyurethane with addition of a UV stabiliser, with a temporarily increased resistance to colour change of the elastomer exposed to UV radiation.

resistant to high dynamic

A heavy-duty polyurethane with very good dynamic properties (on wheels) and temperature resistance.

What are polyurethanes?

Polyurethanes are becoming more and more important in industry, and their popularity is mainly related to their versatile application possibilities. In addition, products made of polyurethanes are characterised by excellent strength parameters and high performance indicators, and a wide range of properties makes this material very versatile.

Polyurethanes remain flexible over a wide range of hardnesses. High chemical resistance and high mechanical properties cause polyurethanes to replace traditional materials such as rubber, metals or ceramics.

The applications for L-PUR polyurethane are almost unlimited.
L-PUR polyurethane is a polymer that consists of two raw materials – a polyol and an isocyanate. To produce the polyurethane, they are mixed with additional components – catalysts, crossing agents and stabilisers. When added in the right proportions and subjected to further special processing, plastics with excellent and diverse properties or applications can be obtained.

Polyurethane appeared in industry and manufacturing as early as the first half of the 20th century, but has gained its greatest popularity in the last thirty years. Polyurethane is very easy to use and is an interesting alternative to other materials such as rubber, metal, ceramics, as well as concrete and wood.

It can be concluded that polyurethane makes life exceptionally easy. This is because it accompanies us when you drive a car, do training, participate in sports competitions or do daily chores. Polyurethane can also be found in mattresses, refrigerators, rollerblades or cable protection elements.

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