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Brake bend for concrete

Brake bend for type-S concrete

Lubas has designed a new brake bend for type – S concrete that prevents concrete from splashing, thus saving material, and reducing the risks of cement burns to personnel.

It stands out from the products of this type, as it contains a metal orifice. Thanks to that new element, assembly and disassembly is easier and the tightness of the brake bend is increased.

An additional advantage of our brake bend is the two sturdy handles, which make using the product so much more convenient.  And don’t forget that the brake bend for concrete is made of our L-PUR polyurethane, which makes it approx. 30% lighter than the steel one.

Spowalniacz do betonu

The brake bend is made of L-PUR polyurethane elastomer, which has a high abrasion resistance of 10 to 100 mm3 (PN-ISO 464), high resistance to tearing and dynamic loads. With this product, the pump system can be cleaned without removing the brake bend, making it a much more effective solution than the ones made with steel that have been in use up until now.
Furthermore, the brake bend made of L-PUR is 60% lighter than the one made of steel. The flexible finish ensures operator safety during use, while a special handle ensures comfortable operation.
It is possible to extend the features of the brake bend with additional accessories in the form of:

  • quick fit
  • coupling reducer


Brake bend




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