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Chutes, hoppers, belt conveyor seals

Dock seals

Dock seals made of polyurethane are an ideal solution to the problems with the spillage of material in the loading zone and along the entire length of the conveyor. It is an alternative to rubber products or old conveyor belts.

The use of polyurethane provides long life and no damage resulting from curing of rubber seals to the rubber surface of the conveyor belt.

Our elastomers interact with the belt and adhere perfectly to the route.

Dock seals reduce the following adverse effects:

  • Spilling of material
  • Dusting
  • Reduce servicing of conveyors.

We offer:

  • All seal widths
  • With no length limit.

Chutes, hoppers, belt conveyor seals

Chutes, hoppers, belt conveyor seals

Coverings and linings for hoppers and chutes

Polyurethane linings significantly reduce the adhesion of the transported material in tank chutes and hoppers.

Thanks to their flexibility and ability to form it is easy to adapt them to any shape.

We manufacture linings in several hardness options choosing their parameters depending on application.

Polyurethane lining is suited for places where there is:

  • Large abrasion of elements
  • Material has a tendency to sticking and fouling
  • There is a problem with a lot of noise and sound insulation is necessary.

We manufacture the most popular forms of linings, including:

  • Linings in the form of flat plates
  • Linings in the form of corrugated plates.
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