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Hydrotransport - Pump dredgers

Pump Dredgers

Aggregate extraction through wet process is accomplished using drag line excavators or pump dredges. The pump dredge sucks up the water and output pulp by means of a gravel pump. After suction, the entire extracted material is delivered via pipeline to the plant, where it is segregated into fractions.

Lubas company in its long experience provides products at every stage of the extraction process.

Refuler,pogłębiarki,regeneracja refulerów

Pogłębiarka,Regeneracja Refulerów

We provide the following services:

  • regeneration of housings and plates of gravel pumps,
  • bottom-up production of steel pipes with polyurethane lining,
  • regeneration of steel pipes with polyurethane lining.

We offer spare parts of our own production, compatible with the following products:

  • Warman
  • Habermann
  • Doepke

Polyethylene pipes l-pol

Lubas also provides its products for the process of transportation between the vessel and the place where the extracted material is deposited. For this application, pipes made of HDPE polyethylene are offered. Pipes made of HDPE polyethylene with increased resistance to abrasion are perfect for transport of water-based suspensions of sand, gravel and other aggregates extracted in gravel pits. The service life of the pipes increases the possibility of turning the pipes in operation. Pipes are available as standard in 12-metre sections and in shorter sections as required by the customer. Fixed or movable steel flanges with pitch diameter and holes adapted to the existing installation are used for connecting pipes.

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