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Our smoothing machines in TVP1

We would like to proudly inform you that our polishers for the “PZL-Świdnik” Communication Equipment Plant are involved in the production of components for the construction of Polish helicopters, which are the pride of our heaven.

“PZL-Świdnik” is the only Polish manufacturer of helicopters and one of the largest helicopter manufacturers in the world. Polish “Sokół”, “Anakonda” or “Głuszec” in various versions are used, among others by the Polish Navy, GROM and TOPR units.

Channel 1 of TVP in its series of programs “How it works” in episode 126 “Helicopter” presents the production process of machines in which our product – the R620 EC smoothing machine – participates.

The material can be viewed at:,smiglowiec,27629137

The exact time in which our product is shown is: 6:35.

We are very proud that our work is part of a larger whole, the more we are aware of the fact that we have an active influence on our security.

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