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Polyurethane rollers' covers — regeneration

As a result of many years of experience with polyurethane systems and thanks to the constant expansion of our machinery stock, we offer you regeneration of the rollers’ cover.

Regeneration includes:

  • removal of old and damaged coating,
  • replacement of rollers’ cover bearings,
  • axle recovery,
  • repair of rollers’ cover surfaces,
  • implementation of new polyurethane coating,
  • grinding of new coating,
  • dynamic balancing.

Polyurethane rollers' covers — regeneration

Polyurethane rollers' covers — regeneration

Our L-PUR coatings are characterised by:

  • hardness in the range of 35 ShA – 65 ShD,
  • very good dynamic properties,
  • very high resistance to abrasion,
  • capacity to work under a wide pH range,
  • good anti-static properties on the coating (NO overlying microbial cellulose).

Coatings of this type significantly extend the maintenance-free period for all sections of the paper machine.

Thanks to our well-developed CNC machining centre, we are able to perform any type of coating treatment andtype of cut (cylindrical, bombarded, banana, cut, with a snake, etc.)

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