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Runners and rings for belt conveyors

Our company, as a leader in the manufacture of polyurethane elastomers, offers a wide range of products used to transport loose materials on conveyor belts.

We can meet any challenge thanks to our qualified staff and technical resources. We are a supplier for a wide range of institutions, from lignite and coal mines to quarries and gravel pits.

Our products are used in both the extraction of raw materials as well as its transport on conveyors.

We supply linings for:

  • Buckets for multi-bucket excavators
  • Hoppers, scrapers and rollers.

Runners and rings for belt conveyors

Runners and rings for belt conveyors

Smooth runners

Polyurethane smooth runners ensure high durability and reducing the noise of conveyor operation. They are an alternative to traditional support systems. As part of our services we regeneration the polyurethane layer on rollers.

We offer:

  • Coatings for smooth rollers
  • Elastomer self-supporting rollers.

The use of polyurethane elastomers provides:

  • High mechanical stability
  • High damping
  • Weatherability
  • Resistance to petroleum substances
  • and a number of acids and solvents.

Rings for rollers

Polyurethane rings are a simple solution, where the element is mounted by pushing the rings on a roller.

In our offer you can find rings for typical jacket diameters. It is possible to manufacture the product in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

We offer:

  • Bearing rings
  • Spacer rings
  • Covering the entire rollers in the form of a comb.

Runners and rings for belt conveyors

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