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Lubas representatives, Marcin Lesiak and Sławomir Mucha, had the pleasure of participating in the 28th Aggregate Cement Lime conference, which took place on 4-5 November 2021 in Kielce.

The event was attended by almost 250 participants from sand and gravel aggregate and cement industries in Poland, academics and suppliers of services and equipment for the industries. During the conference, 31 stands and two halls were opened.

The Honorary Host this year was “Morawica” Limestone Mine.

The conference is a meeting of aggregates and cement manufacturers, suppliers of equipment for gravel and sand pits and batching plants, and companies offering equipment and services for those industries. It also constitutes a platform for the exchange of experience and an opportunity to establish direct business contacts.

During the 28th AGGREGATE CEMENT LIME conference, like every year, dozens of companies presented their technical and technological solutions. At the Lubas stand, there was lively traffic and many interesting conversations.

“Welcome to the 28th edition of the AGGREGATE CEMENT LIME conference, fortunately, this year, live. “It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living.” is a quote that has become increasingly important. Today, we are especially grateful that we can meet in person. Once again, welcome to Kielce” – said Przemysław Płonka, the editor-in-chief of BMP, at the beginning of the 28th edition of the AGGREGATE CEMEBT LIME conference.

The introductory panel concerned the contemporary challenges and opportunities for the development of the Polish open-pit mining, aggregates, cement, lime and construction industries. The speakers presented current data, as well as demand forecasts for the aforementioned sectors.

Topics that were discussed at the conference included, among others:

  1. “What are the worrying and reassuring aspects of the industry today? Current and future challenges” – Ada Raičević, Director of SPW Office, Polish Lime Association.
  2. “Where is the construction industry heading? Current and future challenges for the industry” – Jan Styliński and Damian Kaźmierczak from the Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers.
  3. “Analysis of the dependence of the production of natural aggregates on the production (consumption) of cement in Poland and selected EU countries” – Wiesław Kozioł, Łukasiewicz – IMBiGS / AGH.
  4. “Lime rocks as a strategic raw material for the Polish industry and construction industry” – Arkadiusz Banach, Polish Lime Association.
  5. “The cement industry in Poland. Opportunities, challenges, threats”. – Bożena Środa, Polish Cement Association.

During the 28th AGGREGATE CEMENT LIME conference, the winners of the next edition of the EKO Mine competition were also announced.

The EKO Mine competition aims to promote entrepreneurs who undertake ecological activities, implement corporate social responsibility, support the activities of the local communities, reduce the nuisance associated with the exploitation of mineral resources, and promote solutions conducive to the protection and introduction of species. The first place was awarded to Świętokrzyskie Kopalnie Surowców Mineralnych. Second place was awarded to Nordkalk Polska.

On the second day, the conference participants took part in a tour of the Kadzielnia Nature Reserve. The most interesting thing is that it was created on the site of a former quarry made of Upper Devonian limestone. The quarry is located in the centre of Kielce and is one of the tourist attractions. This charming place has always attracted crowds of tourists, hence the decision to build the Kadzielnia Amphitheatre in the southern part of the quarry. The amphitheatre can seat over 5,000 people and is the largest music venue in Kielce.

28th AGGREGATE CEMENT LIME conference is an event that brings knowledge and experience of people from the industry who actively participate in such events, leading lively discussions and drawing conclusions that change the view on the aggregate industry. Lubas Company would be very pleased to participate in the next edition of the conference.


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