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New warehouse

The dynamic growth of the sales markets is followed by the expansion of infrastructure and improvement of technology. The increased number of orders and thus increased production makes the company cater to the newly emerging needs. Departments are being expanded and leading productions are being divided into halls. The construction of new manufacturing and warehousing space must follow this development.

At present, there are 6 halls on the company’s premises: a steel warehouse, a locksmith shop where moulds are assembled and welded, the hall that accommodates the CNC department, the turning department and the wheels, rollers and shafts department, basic production hall, sieves production hall, finished products warehouse.

The planned tent building will have an area of 1000 square meters. Pouring the foundation, erecting the structure and conducting electrical and fitting-out works are planned for the near future. Currently, the build-out for the foundation slab has been completed. The project is scheduled for completion this autumn.

The hall will be used for the preparation and storage of products dedicated to the Agrotransport industry, such as pipes, elbows, brakes, spliters, hopper clips, bucket elevator steps, pipe reducers, flange, adapters, tees, redlers, elastic sleeves and many other products. the solution used in this industry is to coat the inside and outside of fittings for transporting bulk materials (and others) with a layer of L-PUR polyurethane, increasing the lifespan of the coated components almost several times and significantly reducing the noise level.

To complete the space, the hall will be equipped with a professional shot blasting chamber with a closed circuit of the abrasive. Scrapers and bucket feeder automatically filling the abrasive feeder will provide a more stable and shorter process. This will increase the efficiency of reinforcement preparation. The placement of a centralised reinforcement shimming cell will improve the repeatability of the resulting products and shorten the existing process, eliminating waste according to the principles of Lean Management. The production process has been implemented according to Lean Management principles for several years.

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