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Lubas at the 20th anniversary of PUZ (Vocational State School)

Lubas company was pleased to take part in the conference organised to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Ignacy Moscicki Vocational State School Ciechanow. The event was attended by invited guests from the Ministry, authorities of the city of Ciechanow, university authorities, students and representatives of enterprises cooperating with the state school.

The event was held on the 3rd of November 2021 and was designed to introduce the topic of education in the region, the fields of study chosen and the values young people may follow when choosing a university major and the goal they wish to achieve. The discussed topics included the influence of a vocational school on the development of the city and region or the cooperation of the state school with the socio-economic environment.

The convention ended with a jubilee concert for students, graduates and teachers from music schools in Mlawa and Ciechanow.

During the convention, the staff presented the State school as a modern school with professional equipment for learning technical professions. In recent years, the school has received funding to expand its laboratories.

The mechanical laboratory is currently equipped with two milling machines, an automated welding station with a Fronius CMT welding source, a hydraulic press with a force measurement feature, a surface grinder, a 3D printer with a scanner, and a regranulation line for plastics. The chemistry and biology lab has a spectrophotometer for visible and UV light, as well as a whole grain analyzer. Also, the laboratory of materials science and heat treatment is equipped with, a. o., furnaces with extractors, equipment for Brinell and Rockwell hardness tests, impact tests and strength tests, metallographic microscopes with optical analysis and, recently, an automatic grinder-polisher for sample preparation. These three labs are just a part of the school, but an extremely important one for the development of students and the process of learning new professions that, once mastered, are in demand in Lubas.

The State school has been continuously obtaining funds for development and expansion, thanks to which the graduates leave the school not only richer in knowledge, but also with practical experience, which they have gained working on equipment that is also used in production plants on a daily basis.

Lubas company has been cooperating with the State Vocational School in Ciechanow for at least 7 years. During the first meeting of the school about entering into cooperation with enterprises, Lubas engaged with conducting discussions and negotiations on the choice of directions matching the nature of manufacturing activities. State shcool students are accepted for internships, while many graduates take jobs at Lubas. Joint projects are also conducted with the State school.

PUZ and Lubas seek to grow together through dedication and by expanding the opportunities offered to future graduates.


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