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“Modern Gravel and Sand Mines” Conference

LUBAZ representatives had the honour to participate in the 13th Scientific and Technological Conference “Modern Gravel and Sand Mines”, which took place on 29 – 30 June 2021 in Pałac Sulisław in Lower Silesia.

The conference was attended by more than 130 representatives of gravel and sand aggregate producers in Poland, the scientific community and suppliers of services and equipment for the industry.

The conference is the largest meeting of gravel and sand aggregate producers, suppliers of equipment for gravel and sand mines and companies offering modern equipment and specialist services in Poland. It constitutes a platform for the exchange of experience and an opportunity to establish direct business contacts.

The conference was officially opened by Przemysław Płonka, director of BMP. He welcomed the attendees saying: “This is the 13th edition of the conference, but not an unlucky one because the participants can finally be here in-person”, and gave an overview of the event’s programme.

Przemysław Płonka thanked Włodzimierz Bem, manager of the Żelazna Mine from ABET, the Honorary Host of the conference, for making the mine available to the participants.

Next, Łukasz Machniak from the Polish Aggregates Producers Association welcomed the participants on behalf of the Association: “The Modern Gravel and Sand Mines Conference is in luck. The conference can be held in-person without any interruption. The Polish Aggregates Association has always participated in this conference.”

The conference was divided into substantive and technical and practical parts.

On the first day, discussion panels during which speakers, experts and producers presented their proposals for solutions were held, thus giving the opportunity to obtain information on the situation in the industry. Topics discussed at the conference included an overview of trends, new products concerning the machinery and equipment market and current legal issues.

As every year, experts discussed the most important issues for the industry, its current state and its future, including the challenges and problems it faces, such as: optimising the use of aggregates, technological innovations and aggregates quality control in plants.

It was a great pleasure to hear, on one of the panels entitled “Efficiency – a never-ending story on the example of the Żelazna Natural Aggregate Mine” (“Efektywność – niekończąca się historia na przykładzie Kopalni Kruszywa Naturalnego Żelazna”) conducted by the Żelazna Gravel Mine Manager, Mr Włodzimierz Bem, that L-PUR polyurethane solutions have an effective impact on the development and smooth operation of the mine.

On the second day, there was a tour to the Żelazna Natural Aggregate Mine ABET Sp. z o.o. It was hosted by the aforementioned Mr. Wlodzimierz Bem, Lubaz’s customer, who showed the conference participants the gravel mine, describing the current situation of the mine, technical solutions applied, perspectives of development and problems it faces.

The presence at the conference highlights that LUBAZ is a company providing polyurethane solutions that have an impact on the work efficiency and development of the mining industry in Poland.


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