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Regeneration of pumps

Our offer includes regeneration of the most common pump housings on the Polish market, including gravel pumps.

The service consists of filling in any chips in the housing by pouring in high quality L-PUR elastomer.

Outstanding material properties and precise manufacturing technology allows the multiple use of the same housing, and the resulting effect guarantees performance almost at the level of new components.

Using the same method we fill in chips in used up pump side plates and in connectors received from

Thanks to our expanded mechanical department, for many pumps we also offer new side plates and rotors.

Regeneration of pumps

Regeneration of pumps

Worn-out pumps from manufacturers are most often regenerated:

  • Warmann,
  • Habermann,
  • Doepke.

The most popular services include:

  • Housing regeneration
  • Regeneration of the faceplate and pressure plate
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