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In May, we have entered the 30th year of our operation. What have we learned from all these years?

We are still a family business that specialises in the process of manufacturing technical L-PUR polyurethane products for the heavy industry. We are the only company in Poland, and one of few in Europe, to produce such a wide range of goods. Thanks to a comprehensively equipped plant, we are capable of designing and manufacturing products in all shapes and sizes. We are developing for our customers, both current and future ones, and increasing our potential to become even more effective in the future.

Our assortment consists primarily of polyurethane screens, the flagship products in the aggregate industry, which constitute part of the screening equipment in more and more parts of the world. Its large part are products from the broadly understood concrete category, including liners and scrapers for concrete mixers, as well as specialised products suitable for concrete batching plants in Poland and Europe. We also provide services in the scope of regeneration of pumps in the hydrotransport sector and drums for wire saws in the stone industry. Our goods are highly wear-and mechanical-resistant compared to other products made of plastic. Every day, hundreds of different types of rings, bushings, seals and other products manufactured in accordance with the customer’s requirements leave our production halls.

Until 2011, our sales were limited to the Polish market, but during the last 10 years, we have been able to develop faster and managed to enter the foreign market thanks to our professional staff and qualified employees. Currently, export accounts for 38% of our production, that is why the company’s co-operators are searching for new commercial outlets on different continents. Today, L-PUR products are already available in 36 countries on 5 continents, and these numbers continue to grow.

The company’s success results from the cooperation of employees from all departments. Even the best idea would not see the light of day without people committed to their work. In the company, innovative ideas appear every day. When working on our goods, we are working on the customer’s contentment, satisfaction and comfort of using our products.

In order to achieve precise results, more than one production hall is needed, which is why the company owns as many as five. Moreover, we own one warehouse for finished goods, as well as over a dozen storage and office spaces. Last year, we have put into operation a new production hall with office rooms. For more efficient and comfortable work, we have invested in new filling machines, a HAAS vertical machining centre and other specialised pieces of equipment. Since last year, one of our halls has been powered by solar energy thanks to photovoltaic panels.

We have participated in domestic and international trade fairs many times in the past years with a reason. Our products could be seen and tested in Germany, Czech Republic, England or Dubai. Thanks to the sales professionals and image specialists, Lubas products are becoming recognisable and noticeable, in particular, in the mining and construction industries.

To meet various technological needs, we are constantly adapting production to demanding customers and expanding our business to include new sectors. We are open to new industries and do not stop in our efforts to change the world of polyurethane.

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