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Upcoming trade fair events 2024

In 2024, we plan to participate in 5 trade fair exhibitions to be held both in Poland and abroad. We are having a great time ahead of us, which will allow us to exchange experiences and showcase innovative L-PUR® polyurethane solutions in various industries! Lubas has more than 50,000 finished products to its credit, which are used in the mineral resources sector, concrete production, road machinery and stone industry, among others.


UK CONCRETE SHOW (March 20-21, UK)

The first UK CONCRETE SHOW will take place on March 20-21 in Birmingham, UK. The UK CONCRETE SHOW is held annually and is a great place for exhibitors to meet and share experience, exchange insights and showcase products used in concrete production and supply. The event will be attended by more than 200 manufacturers, suppliers and service providers, including us! Our booth will be full of L-PUR® products such as concrete retarders, blades, scrapers, and floors for mixer, liners and concrete pump pistons, among others.


HILLHEAD (June 25-27, UK)

The second place we plan to visit is the HILLHEAD trade fair held June 25-27 in Buxton, UK. Quarries, construction, recycling – that’s how HILLHEAD can be described in three words. The 2022 fair brought together more than 600 global manufacturers, suppliers and service providers to showcase their products. They are distinguished by live demonstrations that let you observe real “work” in a quarry environment. What will they surprise us with in 2024 ? We are already looking forward to it!

Among other things, we will bring to the fair our bestsellers L-PUR®, which are polyurethane screens for screening aggregates, polyurethane plates for transporting bulk materials and polyurethane belts. Participants will have the opportunity to talk to our specialists about the use of polyurethane coating in pumps, pipes, or touch on L-PUR® accessories for belt conveyors, i.e. pulleys and rings.


MINING FAIR KATOWICE (September 4-6, Poland)

A September trade fair marathon awaits us after summer. We start with the Katowice Mining Fair scheduled for September 4-6. This is a real treat for all entrepreneurs connected with heavy industry. They provide an opportunity to present products operating in the mining, energy and other heavy industry environment. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

AGRO SHOW BEDNARY (September 19-22, Poland)

AGRO SHOW BEDNARY is an international agricultural exhibition. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to present the latest agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as other products necessary in this sector. During 3 days, all AGRO SHOW participants will have a chance to get acquainted with a comprehensive range of production means and services for agriculture. We will be there too! At our booth you will find L-PUR® polyurethane products that support the agricultural industry! You are cordially invited!

MARMOMAC (September 24-27, Italy)

Finally, MARMOMAC, the world’s most important trade fair dedicated to the stone industry. They provide an excellent opportunity to learn about innovative products from the entire stone production chain. This is an event not to be missed. The fair will be held in Verona from September 24-27. The famous Italian city will become a meeting center for industry-related entrepreneurs from all over the world. Lubas booth will feature, among other products, L-PUR® polyurethane wheel profiles for wire sawmills, as well as an offer for reconditioning of wire sawmill drums.

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