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Upcoming trade show events 2022

In 2022, we plan to participate in 8 Polish and international trade fair exhibitions. Lubas manufactures products for more than a dozen heavy industries, which is the reason why the company participates in such events on a large scale.

We will start 2022 with MiningWorld Russia, an international exhibition of machinery and equipment for mining, held in Moscow.

MiningWorld Russia (26-28 April 2022, Moscow, Russia)

In April, we will see you at the largest mining fair in the East, Mining Russia in Moscow. The 26th international exhibition of machinery and equipment for the mining industry, processing and transportation of mineral resources is a great opportunity to present our solutions for the mining industry in the form of sieves, hydraulic cyclones or polyurethane lining service.

Expo Lesni lom (07-09 June 2022, Brno, Czech Republic)

The International Demonstration Fair of Machinery and Equipment for the Mining, Processing and Construction Industries is one of the most visited mining fairs in Europe. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the EXPO Lesní lom trade fair will be held after a four-year break. The fair is a great opportunity to learn about innovative ideas in the mining and quarrying industry. EXPO Lesní lom supports the development of companies operating in the following sectors: mining technology, loading and transportation, machinery and equipment for processing minerals, machinery and equipment for recycling construction materials, equipment for ecological mining operations, auxiliary services and activities, trucks, special-purpose vehicles, off-road vehicles or design work.

At the fair, we will present our latest polyurethane sieves, under-belt scrapers, and hydraulic cyclones, among other things.

Hillhead Fair (21-23 June 2022, Hillhead Quarry, England)

The Hillhead fair held at the quarry is the UK’s largest exhibition related to quarrying, construction and recycling.

We return to Hillhead in 2022 with polyurethane and steel sieves for aggregate screening, polyurethane boards for bulk material handling and polyurethane belts. You will be able to learn about polyurethane coating solutions in chutes, hoppers, pumps and pipes. You will also be able to talk to our experts about seals and accessories for belt conveyors, such as runners, rings.

SOLIDS Trade Fair (22-23 June 2022, Dortmund, Germany)

SOLIDS trade fair is an ideal business platform, it is a meeting place for suppliers and manufacturers from the entire bulk materials industry, including food and processing technology. Domestic and international exhibitors showcase their technologies for processing, handling, storing, transporting and analysing powders, granules and other bulk materials such as grains and agricultural crops.

We will exhibit cast polyurethane products for the agricultural and concrete industries, such as polyurethane coated pipes, polyurethane boards, polyurethane sieves and under-belt scrapers.

Mining Fair Katowice (06-09 September 2022, Katowice, Poland)

The International Fair for Mining, Power Generation and Smelting Industries is a platform for numerous business meetings, conferences and symposia, during which the topics of the mining industry will be discussed. Exhibitors participating in the fair will have a unique opportunity not only to present their offer of machinery, equipment and technology, but also to get acquainted with the solutions planned in the industry, to learn about specific solutions supporting the transformation of companies and institutions operating in the mining and power industry environment.

AGRO SHOW Agricultural exhibition (22-24 September 2022, Bednary, Poland)

AGRO SHOW is an annual agricultural exhibition held on the apron at Bednary airport near Poznań. The fair attracts thousands of visitors every year. These include entrepreneurs, distributors, farmers and students of agricultural schools. The fair is an opportunity to get acquainted with modern agricultural equipment, agricultural vehicles, accompanying infrastructure as well as accessories, services, fertilizers.

Except for the pandemic period, we bring polyurethane products to the fair each year to support the agricultural industry.

MARMOMAC Stone Industry Trade Fair (27-30 September 2022, Verona, Italy)

MARMOMAC is the largest stone industry trade fair in the world. Italy is home to a marble quarry basin and, because of that, Verona has become the centre of trade fairs in the world.

As in 2021, we intend to go to MARMOMAC with an expanded offer on polyurethane profiles for wire saw wheels. In addition to the production of profiles, we are engaged in the renovation of drums for wire saw machines and we improve our method of ribbon casting every year. This service will also be featured at the fair.

Bauma Construction Trade Fair (24-30 October 2022, Munich, Germany)

Bauma is the world’s largest trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Mining Machinery, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment.

Trade fairs are a great place to showcase the wide range of products we offer for the construction industry. Our stand will feature accessories for belt conveyors, pump regeneration service, polyurethane sieves, polyurethane boards and many other products manufactured in our factory in Wieczfnia Kościelna.

 See you at the fairs in 2022!

All past and upcoming events can be found at: https://lubas.com/en/events/

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