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International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO SHOW 2021, Bednary

At the end of September 2021 the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Agricultural Machines and Facilities will hold the AGRO SHOW International Agricultural Exhibition.

AGRO SHOW is the largest open-air agricultural exhibition in Europe at which producers of seeds, fertilisers, plant protection products and other industries related to agriculture present their latest solutions and technologies. Visitors to the agricultural fair have the opportunity to see the complete range of inputs and services for agriculture. They can meet representatives from companies related to the agricultural industry.

Lubas company will once again take part in the fair, during which it will present solutions for the bulk materials handling industry. The exhibition will be a great opportunity to get acquainted with our products in the field of abrasion-resistant L-PUR coating of steel components. We will present all kinds of products for belt conveyors (redlers, U-shaped and worm conveyors, etc.), splitters – regardless of shape and type, tees, elbows, hoppers, heads, steps, brakes and all kinds of flanges.

We cordially encourage our current and future customers to visit the Lubas booth. We will be happy to consider any cooperation option. Experienced engineers and sales staff will be waiting for you at the booth to answer all your questions about the technology and advantages of L-PUR polyurethane-coated components.

Our salesmen and engineers will meet you in area C, way no. 1, stand 74.

Let’s meet at AGRO SHOW Bednary 2021.

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