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Steinexpo 2023

Welcome to our booth at Steinexpo! From August 23rd to 26th, we’ll see you at Europe’s largest basalt quarry, which will host exhibitors and trade fair visitors!

The quarry will transform into a unique venue where leading manufacturers of construction machinery and suppliers of technology and services will showcase their bestsellers and top solutions dedicated to the construction industry. This prestigious event is a perfect opportunity to present our tailor-made L-PUR® polyurethane solutions.

We have delegated to your disposal our best #lubasteam team -Tomek, Lukas, Adrian and Norbert, whose knowledge is based on experience gained over the years.

You can make an appointment with them today for a meeting or conversation:

Tomasz Adamek – languages: PL, DE

Lukas Fesler – languages: PL, DE

Adrian Szmigiel – languages: PL, DE

Norbert Baczyński – languages: PL, EN

We are confident that they will answer any of your questions and offer an appropriate solution tailored to your needs. We are well aware that it is best to talk about something you see, that is why we bring with us the maximum number of products so that you can get the best acquainted with our L-PUR® products.

steinexpo de pur

Come to our booth PC34 to see up close:

  • L-PUR® screens
  • L-PUR® plates
  • L-PUR® rings
  • Rollers for belt conveyors
  • L-PUR® blades
  • L-PUR® scrapers
  • L-PUR® brake bend for concrete
  • L-PUR® floor and wall liners for concrete mixers
  • Pistons for concrete pumps

We emphasize that this is only a substitute for what we produce at Lubas. There are more than 50,000 products in our portfolio. We achieved this beautiful result thanks to the trust of our customers and the Tailor – Made approach. Remember that we sew tailor-made solutions, and we approach each order individually.

Come and visit our booth at SteinExpo!

  • Plates


  • L-85


  • Livell


  • Polski
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Čeština
  • Русский
  • Español
  • Italiano

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