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Training of company employees

For the second consecutive year, Lubas used funding for employees from the National Training Fund within the framework of the project for financing activities covering continuing education of employees and employers. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Poviat Job Agency in Mława.

The condition for receiving the funding was, among others, employment of people for the positions of professions defined as deficit in the Mława Poviat or persons over 45 years of age. The National Training Fund (KFS) subsidised training at 80%.

Between June 2021 and February 2022, eight of the company’s employees have taken or take part in training courses subsidised by the National Training Fund.

3 departments have been covered by the funding. Training was aimed at developing skills in the accounting department and specialised departments, as well as the knowledge of software necessary to operate CNC machine tools. The greatest emphasis was placed on the sales department, mainly export sales, as a strategic department that is growing at a rapid pace.

All training, regardless of department, broadens employees’ competencies, creates opportunities for growth and more efficient work. Investing in employees is key to growth. Lubas will continue to provide such opportunities to its employees, as it has in past years.


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